Tamiko In Tokyo | Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka Vol. 6

It's time to say goodbye to Tokyo and continue the adventure in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, for the remainder of the trip. 

We booked a Wellness Spa Resort at Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka, to come down from the liveliness of Tokyo. The moment you walk through the sensor sliding doors you are welcomed with their signature aromatherapy essential oil in the air.  There was an immediate calmness you feel as you head to the front desk to check-in.  

You can see our reel on instagram, a tour of the hotel with a public bath we took full advantage of.  We'll get into that later!

Photo by Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka

The moment you step inside this beautiful spa hotel, you are greeted by the lovely staff at this stunning wood architectural backdrop design and front desk.  The design aesthetic continues throughout the lobby area with sculptures, In Praise of Shadows, recited as an expression to represent traditional Japanese aesthetics.  Shadow of the 3D art inspired by a bridge stirs your imagination.

Photo by Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka
Photo by Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka

If you have not experienced a public bath, do yourself a favor and add it to your bucket list.  This was our first experience, and what a treat to have this experience in Japan, a culture that embodies wellness and zen.

There are rules to adhere to, before you enter the Women Only and Men Only public bath, that are handed to you before use.


  1. Take off your clothes in the changing room.
  2. Bring only the small towel into the bathing area.
  3. Wash your body before entering the bath.  Please sit on the stool while showering your body.
  4. Do not put towels in the bath.  Long hair should be tied up to avoid soaking in the water.
  5. Dry off your body as much as you can with a small towel before returning to the changing room.
  6. Dry yourself thoroughly in the changing room and put on your clothes.


  1. Please avoid bathing if you are intoxicated.
  2. Do not enter the dressing room with your body wet.
  3. Do not take photos or videos during bath hours.
  4. Do not put your towel in the bath.
Photo by Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka

You are provided complimentary loungewear, located in your hotel suite, to enter and exit the public bath area, or you may use them for sleepwear.

Fragrance evokes memories and we want to remember this experience for as long as the memory will carry.  The hotels signature aromatherapy essential oils, with stone diffuser, are for sale, including their fabric & air freshener, and skincare set, that's complimentary upon arrival during your check-in.  The quantity of skincare sets you receive, are based on the duration of time your hotel stay is.

Additionally, there are a plethora of complimentary unlimited bath essentials to take, during your stay, like toothbrushes, cotton swabs, cotton pads, hair brush and bath salts. 

Photo by Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka

We gave Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka a 5-star review!  What a beautiful and zen experience!  

I have never taken so many baths while on vacation!  The bathtubs are so deep for a relaxing soak!

Stay tuned for Vol. 7 - Vol. 9 ...

#letswandertogether #injapan

AWH xoxo

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