Tamiko In Tokyo | Lost In Translation Vol. 5

The reason why we booked a trip to Japan!

We have been asked multiple times "What was the inspiration behind traveling to Japan?  Why Japan?".  It's a place that's on many bucket lists, but not everyone gets to check it off.  We never imagined a visit to Japan would come to fruition.  Honestly, it never made it to our bucket list, until after watching the movie Lost in Translation, with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. The movie is filmed in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.  Bill Murray's character, Bob Harris, and Scarlett Johansson's character, Charlotte, are both staying at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, walking distance from the hotel Tamiko was staying in, The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku.  You can read more about Tamiko's hotel on Tamiko In Tokyo | Vol. 1, blog post.  We won't spoil the movie details if you have not seen it.  Lost in Translation was one of the motivations to add Japan to our bucket list, and we're still pinching ourselves we are able to check it off the list.  

It's the weekend in Tokyo with a rainy forecast.  Most of our planned activities were outdoors, except for eating.  We had a thought to experience an afternoon at the Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel, to walk in the steps the characters played in the movie.  The New York Bar located on the 52nd floor is one of the locations you will see in the movie.  The film is 20 years old and it's still a tourist attraction to be visited.

Photo by IMDB | Lost In Translation 
Park Hyatt Tokyo
Park Hyatt TokyoNew York Bar

You can watch our reel on instagram, as we walk through the luxurious library on the 41st floor, entering The Peak Lounge that overlooks the city of Tokyo.

Park Hyatt Tokyo | Library located on the 41st Floor

If you have not seen Lost in Translation (2003), we recommend adding it to your list of movies to watch. You may be inspired to travel to Japan, too.

We've had some additional motivation with the stars aligning, to get us to book a trip to Japan.  Always be open to the messages the Universe is presenting to you, whether subtle or bold.

Stay tuned for Vol. 6 - Vol. 9 ...

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AWH xoxo

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