London Captures Tamiko | Favorite Restaurants

During our visit to London we discovered some of the most beautiful restaurants.  From the interior design, delicious food, chill ambience, and pleasant staff, these restaurants will always hold a memorable stamp in our hearts. 

We'll take you on our journey as some of these visits were happy accidents or on our bucket list to visit. 


Visiting Bacchanalia, Mediterranean Cuisine, was no accident.  This place was definitely on our must visit list when arriving in London.  No reservation was made, although it is recommended.  It was night one in London.  After a nap and refresh from our flight we were ready to hit the town. 

This was our first time taking the London Tube to head towards Mayfair where Bacchanalia is located.  The tube stop is Bond Street (so fitting in London)!

The moment you walk in you know this place is going to be special.  An instagram reel was created as a taste of what this experience felt like.

Bacchanalia | Mayfair London 
Bacchanalia | Mayfair London
Bacchanalia | Mayfair London


Now we're getting into happy accidents, finding these amazing places to dine while exploring London.

Brindisa Tapas, located in South Kensington, was referred when asking a local outdoor florist shop to recommend a great place to have dinner in the area.  Without hesitation we were directed to Brindisa Tapas and we were so glad!

You can never go wrong with tapas, but it was the kind of tapas on the menu with great surrounding ambience.

Brindisa Tapas | South Kensington
Photo by Brindisa Tapas | South Kensington London 


Our hotel was located in Notting Hill, The Abbey.  Perusing in town to see charming colorful doors and shops on Portobello Road we discovered Gold Restaurant, just walking distance from our boutique hotel.  It's Modern European food that's delicious.  Every meal is a presentation that makes it difficult to cut through it. 

It's dark, moody and an intimate setting that's perfect for date night. The waitstaff are lovely and make suggestions from the menu.

Photo by Gold | Notting Hill London
Gold | Notting Hill


The weather in London is unpredictable.  We had to learn the hard way to always carry an umbrella with you as it can be sunny one minute and a downpour the next.

That instance led us to Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden, as we ran for shelter during a downpour.  After standing under their awning for 30 minutes, it was time to go inside for a bite to help kill time until the rain passed.  We were not expecting to see what was inside! This most certainly was a happy accident to discover the beautiful and romantic French restaurant.

Clos Maggiore | Covent Gardens London
Clos Maggiore | Covent Gardens London


If there was anything that attracted us to have our daily breakfast at Cherry On was to say "Cheerio" while leaving Cherry On in Notting Hill London. Not only was this cafe just around the corner from The Abbey but it was also very charming inside as a double treat. 

There's a beautiful display of decorated cakes with faux cherry blossoms throughout the café.

 Cherry On | Notting Hill London
Cherry On | Notting Hill London

All five restaurants were phenomenal and highly recommended during your visit to London, England.

Stay tuned for "Tamiko Back In Paris | Weekend Getaway"


AWH xoxo 

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