Tamiko In Tokyo | The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku Vol. 1

We are back from Japan and just coming up for air, recovering from jet lag.  This trip was worth the intense jet lag we're feeling.  As promised, we want to give you a day-to-day play of our fantastic wanderlust adventure in Japan, visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara!  The trip was 9 beautiful days long, and that still wasn't enough time to explore everything we wanted to see.  This means, we will be headed back to finish what was started!  But, for now, we are grateful for this amazing once in a lifetime experience, having the time of our lives.  

We chose to visit Japan because our founders name is Tamiko {Ta-Me-Ko}. Tamiko is a feminine Japanese given name. In Kanji, it is written 民子, meaning "child of the people".  It can also be written 多美子, meaning "many, beauty, child", hence "child of many beauties".

We are also celebrating the 1-year anniversary of A Wanderlust Home, in addition to Tamiko's birthday, that's just a week apart.  

Let's begin with Day 1, checking in to our hotel in Tokyo, The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku, with the coolest vibe, that was totally unexpected. You can see a reel of a short tour when we arrived on Instagram.

Photo by The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku

We loved when our taxi dropped us off in front of our hotel; The anticipation of what it really looked like and how it would compare to the images we saw online. It was everything we thought it would be and more! 

Not even 12 hours in Japan, we were awakened at 4am by an Emergency Alert an earthquake was on the way.  Within seconds strong shaking took place.  We felt the earth moving beneath and around us uncontrollably.  We had no idea we'd experience an earthquake in Japan, just a few hours after arriving.  What a way to begin this adventure and be welcomed to Japan!  Thank you for giving us this shake we didn't know we needed, to enjoy every minute of this trip!

Speaking of the unexpected, there's a DJ booth in the lobby of the hotel that plays amazing tunes throughout the day.  It's the coolest vibe during the day and evening hours, while you are in the center of the lobby entrance, checking-in, getting some work done at the workstations setup for multiple people at once, or you are just in chill mode to listen to good tunes.  We love music and if you follow us on Instagram you'll notice all of our reels can turn into our own playlist. 

Photo by The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku
Photo by The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku

We have learned when traveling abroad to always book your hotel reservation with breakfast included.  It forces you to get up early to enjoy the all you can eat breakfast buffet, between the hours of 7am - 10am.  It allows you to be full enough to start your day, skip lunch and have a belly ready for dinner.  It's a cost effective way to skip a meal, if you can, to spend a little extra during dinnertime.  You are too busy exploring, doing tourist activities to think about where to have lunch.

Morethan Tapas Lounge is the restaurant that is connected to the hotel for your morning breakfast, lunch and evening dinner.  It's an all you can eat and drink with hot and cold beverages, fresh omelette's and scrambled eggs, made for you on the spot, a fruit, meat and hash brown buffet to enjoy, within the timeframe the restaurant is open for breakfast.

Photo by The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku | Morethan Tapas Lounge

You can enjoy your breakfast on the terrace of Morethan Tapas Lounge, as well, that's cozy and beautiful to take in all of Shinjuku, Tokyo.  

Photo by The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku | Morethan Tapas Lounge

The saying "Teamwork makes the dream work" applies when it comes to Benny, the restaurant manager, who makes everything run like a well oiled machine.  The warm hospitality offered when you arrive for your breakfast, greeted with a smile (and sometimes a hug), to make sure you're comfortable to begin your day, is the warmest welcome we've ever received.

Photo by The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku | Instagram

If you have not booked the breakfast included hotel reservation, don't fret!  There's the Morethan Bakery, across from Morethan Tapas Lounge, for all to enjoy with fresh baked goods, all day.

Photo by The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku | Morethan Bakery

If you're interested in a more intimate setting, there's Morethan Grill upstairs on the 2nd Floor, that is open for dinner only, with a wine bar.

Photo by The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku | Morethan Grill

When you plan your trip to Tokyo, Japan, we recommend The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku if you like the energy and liveliness of Shinjuku, the city that never sleeps.

You can book your hotel reservation directly through The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku or Booking.com.

Stay tuned for Vol. 2 - Vol. 9 ...

#letswandertogether #intokyo

AWH xoxo

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