Tamiko Goes To Paris | Paris Recap Vol. 6

I have officially been home for 2 weeks from Paris.  Where did the time go and please take me back!  This is the last volume of Tamiko Goes To Paris!  To be honest, I just did not want this trip to end.  A piece of my heart has a Paris stamp on it forever!

Did I mention this was a solo trip?  I didn't know anyone, and don't speak French at all.  Well, just the basics to get you by, but I could not hold a full conversation with a Parisian unless it was in English.  I highly recommend traveling someplace alone for the first time, if you haven't already.  Face the fear head on and it will be one of the best experiences of your life.

Here's a recap of my Paris adventure of things to do and places to go, when you're there {not IF you go, but WHEN you go}. 


I stayed at Hotel Balmoral Paris.  This was posted in Volume 1 on the blog.  Lovely hotel with complimentary breakfast daily.  Make sure you choose Free Breakfast with your reservation.  I was able to receive a quick bite immediately after I checked in.  Breakfast operates between 7am - 11am in the dining room that turns into an evening lounge for cocktails, wine or champagne.

Once I checked in I perused the neighborhood and the Arc de Triomphe was steps away from the hotel. 


One of my favorite pastries are macarons.  I had to find a cooking class that offered macaron lessons.  You'll find the recipe and step by step instructions on how to making macarons in Volume 2 on the blog.  With the help of Le Foodist, it was fun and very detailed.  It's a great way to meet people during the beginning of your trip.  I met new friends from Minnesota, who are lovely! 


While in Paris I had to mix a little business with pleasure.  Maison&Objet is a major French trade fair for interior design. Held bi-annually in Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center, and the place to attend to meet new vendors for your e-commerce or brick and mortar business.  The timing was perfect to squeeze this in to check out what's new and what's next to bring back to the United States.  After all, we are called A WANDERLUST HOME


It was important to me to professionally document some of the famous landmarks with professional images as the backdrop, like The Eiffel Tower and Montmartre Village.  I was on a solo vacation and didn't want to ask Parisians to take my photo as I couldn't speak fluently in french and annoy them with do-overs for the perfect shot. That would be the beginning to ruining a lovely trip right out of the gate!  We hired Kiss Me In Paris, Parisian Photographers who speak English.  You'll find a small teaser in Volume 3 on the blog, introducing the photographer, Scander {Obaka-San}.  The images are currently in the editing department for alignment and brightening.  The photos are fantastic and we cannot wait to share them with you!

Paris is the city of lights and the place for lovers.  I wanted to experience both at the same time.  A dinner cruise was the perfect idea to tour Paris in the evening and have a romantic dinner with entertainment on Bateaux Parisiens.  It was perfection!


The Palace of Versailles was a must!  We didn't get a chance to go to Le Louvre. We'll add that one to our next trip!  Versailles was covered on Volume 4 on the blog.  You just have to experience this.  The pictures really doesn't do it justice.


Since this was my last day in Paris, I wanted to feel like a Parisian.  I got in an Uber and had the driver drop me off in the middle of Saint Germain Des Pres.  I got lost and wandered around until I found my bearings.  Fun fact... I had a Parisian ask me for directions out of the Metro!  No kidding!  It made my day, although I couldn't help them.

I shopped, sat at a café to relax and enjoy champagne.  Walked to Notre-Dame de Paris, sat at another café to order white wine and french fries.  I had to have French Fries in France! 

There are some amazing restaurants and cafés in Paris.  Here's a list of a few places to go during your visit:

I recommend all of them!  

We hope you enjoyed Tamiko Goes To Paris Volume 1 - Volume 6.  Our next trip is already in the works and we'll share that journey with you, too!

Au revoir for now!


AWH xoxo

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Ava Johnson
Ava Johnson

October 04, 2022

Tamiko this is wonderfully done. Thank you for all of your Paris tips👍🏾

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