Tamiko In Tokyo | Sensōji Temple in Asakusa Vol. 3

On the 3rd day of our Japan trip, we were feeling comfortable taking mass transportation to get around in Tokyo.  Although it was still a little intimidating taking the Japanese Metro or Japan Rail, everyone was so helpful at the information desks to help you find your way, that made the experience comfortable with ease.

We ventured out on an excursion to Asakusa, to visit Sensōji Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo.  This colorful Buddhist temple, is known for its entrancing festivals and traditional artistic features.  Sensōji Temple in Asakusa dates back to the year AD 645.

The outer gate of the temple is the Kaminarimon, or Thunder Gate. It leads to the Tokyo shopping street known as Nakamise-dori, with shops featuring vividly-painted fans, rice crackers and other treats. The street itself has its own varied history, being rebuilt several times following its destruction from the Great Kanto Earthquake and, later, World War II.

You can watch our reel on instagram visiting Sensōji Temple in Asakusa.

The main temple precinct includes an impressive wood-paneled main hall and the five-storied Sensōji Temple Pagoda. A number of festivities are held here, including the Sanja Festival each May, and even a Samba Carnival in August.

I was in pure admiration when I saw the family behind me, in their beautiful kimonos.  We saw many styles of kimonos that were more formal than others, made with lace and jeweled embellishments.

In Tokyo, a large iron incense burner sits outside Sensōji temple, where hordes of people offer incense and wave its smoke towards their bodies and heads, believing the burning incense will cure illnesses, keep them healthy, give them good luck, or make them smarter. You can see this action in our reel on instagram when visiting the Sensōji temple.

We couldn't help but to take a snapshot of this beautiful family that was in our previous picture, as they were all dressed up in their gorgeous kimonos, even the littlest one, with her Mickey Mouse balloon.

We have learned firsthand from the Japanese women, how to properly wear your kimono.  You can see the tutorial in our reel on instagram "How To Wear A Kimono".  It is quite fascinating and looks extremely difficult.  But with practice, we know we will get it.

The Asakusa Tokyo Market was a treat, to experience Japanese culture food, fashion and accessories.

Stay tuned for Vol. 4 - Vol. 9 ...

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