Holiday House NYC '22

We're taking you to the Upper East Side of NYC in Manhattan, in not one, but two Penthouse apartments, at The Kent, a Luxury Residential Tower, built by Extell Development Company.

The yearly Holiday House NYC event, founded by Iris Dankner has returned to New York City, after two years due to the global pandemic!  20 amazing and talented designers were selected to bring Holiday House NYC back with a bang!  And, can I just tell you, they did not disappointment.

Holiday House, directly benefits The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF).  Holiday House has granted more than 1.5 million dollars to this renowned charity that invests 91 cents of every dollar to support its mission of ending breast cancer by advancing the world’s most groundbreaking research.

Holiday House NYC '22 comes to end on Sunday, December 11th.

The Kent NYC

As far as I'm concerned, every home office should look like this, designed by A-List Interiors.  It's vintage glam that turns into an intimate space to relax and recharge. The office is named "Roman Holiday", an iconic 1950's movie starring Audrey Hepburn.  It's one of our favorite Audrey Hepburn movies, during the beginning of her acting career.  References to Italy and the 50's are incorporated from the movie.

A-List Interiors | Photography By Brittany Ambridge
A-List Interiors | Photography By Brittany Ambridge

Just imagine an artful gallery in your home filled with beautiful photographs of Iceland and natural gemstones floating on your walls, designed by Aamir Khandwala Interior Design.

Aamir Khandwala Interior Design | Photography By Alan Barry Photography
Aamir Khandwala Interior Design | Photography by Alan Barry Photography

We love a focal point that grabs your attention the moment you step into a room, designed by Alison Rose.  The Roche Bobois mah jong sofa is just that.  Bringing people together to converse over the panoramic views before you on the modular unit in the center of the space speaks "togetherness", after a long two years of not being together.

Alison Rose x Roche Bobois | Photography By Reid Rolls Interiors
Alison Rose x Roche Bobois | Photography By Reid Rolls Interiors

Oh, baby!  If you're going to be sleep deprived with a newborn, let it be in this gorgeous nursery, designed by K. A. Murphy Interiors.  This gorgeous color palette is subtle with soft whimsical wallpaper, and textural materials.  The crib with lucite bars is the win in this room, for us {insert heart eyes emoji}!

k. a. Murphy Interiors | Photography By Mark Roskams
k. a. Murphy Interiors | Photography By Mark Roskams

A serene classic bedroom, designed by Sarah Lederman Interiors, brings a sense of calm and pretty! 

Sarah Lederman Interiors | Photography By Kirsten Francis

A luxury bedroom is always a good idea, especially when your morning and evening view is the East River and Central Park. Elsa Soyars brings her elegant, sophisticated and eclectic aesthetic, creating a modern Gatsby.

Elsa Soyars Interior Design | Photography By Alan Barry Photography
Elsa Soyars Interiors | Photography By Alan Barry Photography

Color me Pink and Tangerine!  We love a pink girl's room that's made for her to grow into a young lady, designed by Eneia White Interiors.  Mirrored art "Let Them Eat Cake" and literally a candied wall is a girl's dream.  Not sure if she will ever fall asleep in this room, but it sure is made for fun and plenty of slumber parties. 

Eneia White Interiors | Photography By Marco Ricca
Eneia White Interiors | Photography By Marco Ricca

The kitchen is the heart of the home for family, to discuss their day, how to begin their day and create memories. Designed by CD Interiors, pops of color, texture and a bit of playfulness is for all to enjoy, not just the adults.

CD Interiors | Photography By Marco Ricca

An explosion of color throughout the halls to take you from one bedroom to the next in PH1 is designed by Riki Wagh Design.  It's a fairytale of imagination and you don't know where it will lead.

Riki Wagh Design x Neil Kerman Gallery | Photography By Alan Barry Photography
Riki Wagh Design x Neil Kerman Gallery | Photography By Alan Barry Photography

Visit Holiday House NYC by Sunday, December 11th, to see every room in both Penthouses.

Congratulations to all of the designers for Holiday House NYC '22!  This was our last Designer Showhouse of 2022.  We look forward to sharing more showhouses in 2023 with you all!

Happy Holidays!


AWH xoxo

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